In this informative and interactive training, you'll learn:

  • A Proven 7-Step Process To Passing The CPA Exam (That ANY CPA candidate can start using today to avoid making rookie mistakes that waste time and kill your scores.)
  • The two strategies I used to defeat the "Curve of Forgetting" and boost my scores by 10-15+ points (steal these and watch your learning retention skyrocket)
  • The Life Audit process my wife taught me to make more time to study PLUS have fun while studying - yes, it's possible
  • How to pick the right order to sit for the 2024 CPA exam (Depends on your discipline)!
  • For registering below, I'm also giving away FREE CPA study materials & my best-selling eBook on the training!

Can't make the time listed? No worries! We will send out a replay to all who register.

Curious if this training gets results?


"After 8 attempts, I passed FAR with a 79! More shocked than anything because it’s hard to envision it happening until it actually does. I used both Becker and Kesler CPA Review, and I went heavy on the Kesler side this time around - constantly reviewing my custom flashcards (I had accumulated around 270 of them), reviewing each questions’ “gem,” and circling back to Becker for more diversification with practice MCQs and sims. To anyone struggling through FAR or any other section, please keep at it. I didn’t think this was possible either… stick to your system and Bryan’s studying method. It WORKS!"

- Bryce W.

"I PASSED FAR WITH AN 84!!! You have no idea what an accomplishment this is for me! I have been taking this exam for 5 years and have tested specifically for FAR At least 13 times.....i really lost count after that.
It wasn't until I used your study methods that I got the score I am more than thankful. I'm honestly and shock!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

- Emma J.


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